February 1, 2010

Hey Everybody

There have been so many things going on these past few months that it has been hard to keep up and disseminate the info to da masses. So I thought I would start with a little recap of the past year and go from there, with the full intention of keeping you more up to date in and of the future... the future… the future… the f..

2009 was a very interesting year, and one of much transition and realigning with the Now…dude. I had many adventures, fasted twice (and again just last month), performed at Folk Alliance, went to a Cowboys game at Jones Majal, had my first gig in Luckenbach, Texas, met some amazing musicians, saw other amazing musicians with whom I have performed, saw a concert stage built in a couple of hours… by 1 woman, almost got killed by flying shrapnel (actually scrapmetal-nel), got stranded in Des Monies and made friends for life, went to Mexico on Vacation, saw a baseball game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, played at the Dallas Cowboys Christmas party and Big D NYE (wfaa/ABC channel 8’s version of Times Square), planted my first ever Texas garden with the help of one fine farmer himself in Mr. Farmer Johnson, and made some amazing music.

In February, I went and performed with Patrice for the 2nd time at Folk Alliance in Memphis. It’s cold outside, but you’re in this huge hotel with a bazillion amazing musicians playing 24/7 (in numerology, that’s 31…). During the day, it’s official performances and panels, and at night it’s jamming til the dawn on the top 3 floors of the hotel. Just wandering from room to room with your acoustic, or djembe, or kazoo (only if you’re the Miles Davis of the kazoo, that is). What a party. Woohoo!! Fast forward a month and do it all over again in Austin for SXSW in March, when the Patrice band headlined at Momo’s.

Meanwhile, I had to see how my Long Beach gardening skills were gonna translate to Tejan soil. So, with the help of Farmer Johnson, we successfully grew much abundance – spinach, collards, 2 kinds of lettuce, okra, potatoes, onions, and let’s see… what else…? hmmm… Oh yeah – PEPPERS!!! LOTS and LOTSA HOTSA Pepper – jalepenos, bells, cayenne, serranos, poblanos, and of course, my personal favorite – habaneros. Ho Yeah. Part of my lip is STILL in the back yard.

Gonna be doing more gardening here in about a month. I’ll be featuring some of that here on the site, and if you’re on Facebook, we just signed on to do another season of Farmer Johnson’s Corner, so I know you’ll want to tune in for that. Befriend us, won’t you?

In June, I celebrated the Summer Solstice by jet setting down to Tulum in Mexico with my friend Tina. Tulum is about an hour and a half car drive south of Cancun on the peninsula. Whilst there, I stayed in a little villa right down on the beach, saw the local Mayan Ruins and way too many Iguanas, went scuba diving, and ran my toes through the sand as much as I could. Must go back… must go back… must go back… Anyway, the day I came back, Michael Jackson died, or maybe I just got caught in some weird alternate dimension vortex or some such - like maybe we flew through the Bermuda Triangle and junk and stuff…

In June, I did a little mini-tour with the Patrice band up through Minneapolis to Wisconsin for the National Women’s Music Fest. During said trip, the transmission on the RV went out (for the second time), and we got stranded in Des Moines. What up Jen Cae and Rae Rae?! Hung with some of the coolest people, wrote a song for the new album, and played in the rain…

When we got back, we did a big end of summer blow out show in Houston at the Warehouse Live with our bestest friendest bandest, Sky Blue 72. The next day, had a big end of summer party at Tina’s house (now THAT was a party). And then I headed home for a little break from the road to focus on creating some new music…

I have been recording a LOT in the past few months. I will be posting some of that music very soon, so please check back. Just getting the bugs worked out and deciding if it will be what is to be released, or just demos of the songs. Either way, I’ll let you gnaw on ‘em a little.

In August, I went to Ft Worth and saw my good friend and long time music compadre, Koko Powell (that’s p-o-w-“E”-l-l), perform with a legend – Edgar Winter. I had actually already gone to see them earlier in the year at a festival, and Koko went with me to my Patrice Pike gig that just happened to be in the same town on the same night. Anyway, great band, great players, more nice guys, and Edgar plays ALL those instruments and is REALLY white…

In October, went with Patrice and the band to play at the Eldorado Music Fest in Arkansas, and had the honor of opening up for Blues Traveler. Yeah, too bad those guys never learned how to play…. Sheesh. What a night. All of them amazing, and really nice guys too.

Also in October, I had the honor of paying on the Austin City Limits stage (the TV show, not the festival). Wow, talk about soaking the history of that in. Last time I felt that way, was when I first played the Chicago House of Blues. So much history. The performance in Austin was with the band Inner Frequency. I am trying to get the footage so I can post it here.

On Halloween, I bopped down to Austin and saw Sister Seven (reunion) for the first time… I KNoooow… Excellent night by them.

In November, We finished up the last of the Patrice gigs for the year at the Grace Foundations Houston Inaugural Event. Rolondo Diaz (http://www.rodiaz.com/), who is an AMAZING painter, painted a portrait on stage as we played. So cool to look at that empty canvas before we go on transform as we interact in a totally different frequency of creative expression. Check out the pics… (coming soon)

Also, in November, I went and saw my buddy and amazing drummer, Todd Sucherman, play with Styx in Plano. He really does continually breathe new life into those old songs. Also, on the bill – REO Speedwagon and Night Ranger…. So….

In December, I played the Dallas Cowboys Christmas party with Limelight, the 12 piece horn band I have been gigging with locally a lot. It was at the Death Star (aka Jerryworld, aka Jones Majal, aka Cowboys Stadium in Arlington), with the worlds largest distraction to any sporting event - a 160 ft wide, 75 foot tall, HD screen. By the way, I was at the San Diego game where in the 3rd quarter, we pulled out the 3D glasses, no, I swear… Hey Jerry! There’s already a game on in 3D… ON THE FIELD!!!!! Yet, I digress. My dad went with to the Christmas party as my manager and roadie… That was a special memory…

Finally, my last act in 2009 in my never-ending desperation to be noticed, occurred on New Year’s Eve, when Limelight performed to about 40,000 people in Victory Plaza down by the American Airlines Center, and no telling how many people were watching at home. Here’s a clip:


As far as the new year/decade goes, it’s all about the eternal NOW. I did the cleanse again (16:2:1). Been focusing energy on creation of music. There definitely will be some major releases this year. Going in the studio next week with Patrice to record for the new album. Maybe a visit to the west coast in the next couple of months. Looking forward to meeting more new friends and reconnecting with old friends. We will be keeping the Web site up, focused, and interactive with Facebook. Guess I could tweet, but it’s kinda the same thing I do on the FB, so that will suffice. Besides, don’t wanna get yoself spread out over too many fires…

Patrice-Skyblue Houston 7-09 423

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