February 7, 2004

Hey All

Just thought I would check in to see if anyone is paying attention. HELLO OUT THERE!!... Okay, I didn’t hear an echo, so someone must be up. Anyway, a couple of things to report. First of all, if you live in the L.A. area and haven’t been to Pancho’s lately, you are not a true music fan. Oh my Gawd... Todd Sucherman (Styx) has been there the past couple of weeks and really turning it up a notch. He’s been so hot, I had to go down there on my night off just to hang and watch. A couple of other heavy hitters have also been showing up - Matt Laug (Alanis Morissette, Alice Cooper, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Eddie Money), whom I miss greatly (come back and jam with us soon), and one Chris Slade (AC/DC, The Firm - w/ Jimmy Page/Paul Rodgers/Tony Franklin, Asia, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, David Gilmour, Gary Moore, Uriah Heep, Tom Jones). What a great couple of weeks it has been.

Also, I just finished and highly recommend a great new book that was penned by a very good lifelong friend of mine. It’s called, “A Great and Terrible Beauty”, by Libba Bray. It is her first novel (although she has written a few plays), but it is very mature and hard to put down. If you like suspense novels and magic, this is your book. Check out Libba’s Bio page...

And lastly, I feel the need to comment on the one pervading and probably the biggest social issue facing America today. Of course, I’m talking about.... Janet Jackson’s right teet. Is it just me, or are we in America really screwed up in the way we think? I mean, you can turn on the TV any night during prime time, and watch any number of girls with low-cut (and I mean low-cut) dresses showing all of the top of the wonderful thing that is the female human breast all the way down to the top of the nipple. You can also turn the channel and watch 7 to 8-year-old re-runs of “Bay Watch”, and see Pamela Anderson wearing a cut-off T-shirt that shows the bottom of the breast right up to the nipple. Turn the channel again, and you can see J-Lo on any awards show with the thinnest strip of a dress showing both sides of the breast right to the nipple line. BUT... show all of these previously seen parts (mind you - with the nipple still covered by a pastie) from 50 yards away during a football game that extols drunkeness and farting horses on every commercial break, and it’s evil and indecent!!! Inappropriate? Maybe. But only because it is a football game and not a platform for self-aggrandizing stars and their fevered, inflated egos to be promoting their own detached careers. In some countries in Europe, there is full frontal nudity on TV every night (mind you there is no such thing as prime time, because they don’t shelter their children from the horror and evil that is sex). If you think that’s wrong and indecent, check the the statistics of violent sex crimes in those countries versus the ones in this country. Maybe if we would stop lying to our children (ala the Serpent to Eve) by telling them how indecent the human body is, they would grow up with a more healthy perspective and not the guilt and shame that drives them to hide their perfectly normal and healthy sexuality. Oh yeah, and one more thing, if you think Janet was telling truth whe she said this was a “wardrobe mal-function”, consider this - how many women have you ever known to wear a pastie under their clothes when it wasn’t going to be seen?



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