March 7, 2007

Hey Everybody

I am so stoked that this tour is happening. Patrice has been one of my favorites for a long time. A friend turned me on to her music about 10 years ago, and I have loved her style ever since. She actually grew up around Dallas, so it’s amazing that we never met, especially with all the synchronicities surrounding us and all the people we both know.

Anyway, last March I was in Austin for South by Southwest, and I had a chance to meet her after a gig. She is such a cool, laid-back, and real person that we gelled right away. I told her if she ever needed a player to give me a call. We almost made it happen last year, but the Supernova show interrupted everyone’s plans. But timing is everything, because my commitments at the time were such that it would have been really difficult for me as well.

As it turned out, she went home from the show, finished and released her new album “Unraveling”, and hit the road with her guitar player of 15 years from Sister Seven, Wayne Sutton. Then, when Wayne decided it was time to get back home, I got the call, and the rest… is yet to be written, but my pen is itchy. I am really looking forward to this, because I really love and respect the music, as well as the artist. I musta done something right…

The style of the music could be put in the same genre as Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge, but the music reminds me a lot more of Lenny Kravitz. It's very funky, and you knows how I loves me some funk, oh yeah.

The band is based in Austin, so it looks like I am heading home to Texas. Rehearsals are the last week of March, then we hit the road. This will be a wonderful opportunity to see me do what I love to do most, especially for all my friends across the country who have been bugging me to tour so they could see me. Well, here I come. Keep an eye on my Web site and/or My Space music page for all the details. The tour info will be updated regularly.

And by the way, do yourself a huge favor – go pick up “Unraveling”. It is a really great album, and you’ll want to be singing along with the band when you come see us. And if you wanna check out more of some of the rockin’, I suggest picking up the Sister Seven album “Wrestling Over Tiny Matters”.

See ya on the road!!!


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