March 15, 2005

Hey everybody

I hear you been missin’ me writin’ in now and then…again and again… etc ad infinitum… ad nauseam… well, here I am. And I apologize to those of you out there who have expressed to me personally they would like it if I would write a little more often. I will try to do so, starting now. Kind of a 1st quarter’s resolution…

A lot has happened in the last year. Somebody re-elected the President… The great Emmitt Smith retired… Somebody said so did the rest of the Cowboys (I say no)… I lost my little girl and favorite dog Charity… and I have moved to sandier beaches… Long Beaches to be exact…

As far as the President goes, I shan’t go into any political tirades, for it is late, and at some point I must sleep, and have the use of my typing fingers for other things... i.e. guitar. I will say one thing. For those of you who know me enough to know me, if you’re not already familiar with my opinions as to what the truth is about politics, wars (and the waste of precious brave American lives and innocent lives therein), economies, gas prices, etc, why would you assume that I follow your way of thinking simply because you think it’s the only possible way? You must assume this, because you send me the propaganda as to why your side is right… and make some poor-tasting jokes about the other side. All this from someone who is supposed to be forgiving… Matthew 7:1-2. I’m not really offended, but I wonder if you think that is the best way to win people over.

Now on to matters that really count. What happened to the Cowboys? Some say they overachieved in 2003. I say the injury bug and lack of chemistry derailed them. Bill has 2 more years. I’m giving him that. I think he can and will do it. And one other thing, Jerry Jones. I know people either hate him or love him (although I can’t believe that some of you routed against Troy and Emmitt). I will say this - Did I like it when he fired Landry? Hell no! Did I love his earliest narcissistic rantings in front of the camera? What do you think? But I have watched him learn from his mistakes (Jimmy for Barry – are you freakin’ kidding me?!) and become a more well-rounded owner, if not person, and I have faith that he will bring the Cowboys back to the top, because he is a winner... More on the state of the Cowboys later.

Now, on to real matters. I lost my favorite little dog of all time, Charity, back in January. She wasn’t having fun anymore, and her quality of life had gotten to the point that I realized that keeping her here would only have been selfish on my part, because she was just hanging on for me. So, I made the saddest trip of my life to the vet. She knew it was coming and didn’t fight it at all. Just gave me a little kiss and went to sleep. I still think about her every day. All I can say is, anyone who doesn’t believe in the existence of angels, has not experienced what I did with this small creature of God. She truly was a gift at a time when I really needed that kind of unconditional love. She was the closest thing I have had so far to a child, and I will never, ever forget her. And I truly hope to see her again someday at The Rainbow Bridge...

Phew, that last paragraph was hard to write. But here is something a little lighter. I have moved to the groovy metropolis of Long Beach. What a great vibe. I am about 200 yards from the ocean. Gotta great studio set up already, and MANY of my musician friends live SOOO much closer than they did. Stay tuned for some serious collaboration. Plus, I am a whole lot closer to all my gigs. Gives me much more free time now that I am not having to be in the car every week. I was putting in 400 miles/week before… UGH!!!

That’s all for now. Please check back often, because I promise to update you much more frequently this year. There are good things ahead for all that are ready for them. Don’t be a stranger! Come see a brutha!!


Old Liners Charity

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