May 24, 2007

I think I Cancun

So, this last weekend was Cancun. Like, OMG... Flew down Thursday to play at the Hard Rock Café that night. Did a 45 minute set at around 9:30. Pretty cool crowd. Nice Hard Rock.

After the show, the guitar player from the house band came up to me and asked me if I would sign his guitar… YIKES! Talk about nervous. Obviously, I was honored. But damn! You sign a brother’s guitar, you better get it right. So, I very carefully signed the back of his guitar and handed it back to him as if it were made of glass. Wow, pretty cool moment.

That was it for the weekend as far as gigs went. We went out after to a disco with a live band. There were 5 of us. They wanted $80 per guy and $75 per girl, just to get in. We talked them down to $50 for all of us. Danced the night away.

Woke up the next morning and looked out my 7th floor window at nothing but ocean as I ate my breakfast very slowly to drink in every moment (was that mixed metaphor or something?) I looked down, saw a ray in the water, ran into my room, put on my trunks, and went for a sunbath and a swim in the ocean.

After my swim, I retired to the pool bar for a couple of Pina Coladas. I mean, you gotta have a couple of FuFu drinks when you’re in paradise, right? Hey, I just want you to know…NO UMBRELLAS. Nope, I went commando. That’s how I roll… Ok, so there was a pineapple and a cherry... Sue Me.

Met up with Patrice and our new drummer, Brad Evilsizer (that is his real name, oh yeah…), for lunch on the veranda later.

Then off to Carlos and Charlie’s for a couple of cold brews. Later, Brad and I found ourselves at Coco Bongo. (*pic 9 & 10) WOW! Talk about a multi-million dollar show. Lights, sirens, smoke blasting down form the ceiling… you know, pretty much everything you don’t want to happen when you pass a cop… We missed the Madonna show, and the Elvis was forgettable. Mind you, I SAW Elvis live. Oh, yeah. 6 years old… in Vegas, baby. Ha-oh Yeah!!! Even better, I was with my dad (my mom suggested he take me to see the Osmond brothers because she thought I would like Donny more than Elvis…WHAT?!... Thanks, Dad). So, anytime someone says, “Guess who MY first concert was...” I just shake my head and laugh, because I have a royal flush on that market. I lean over, wink, and say, “Elvis popped my cherry”… Top that… Yet, I digress.

SOOooo, after about a 25 minute Spiderman tribute, we decided we had had enough of that nawse. Ended up back at the Hard Rock so we could play celebrity band members on tour for a night. Brad sat in the house band from the night before and killed “Livin on a Prayer” (and yes, the guitar player was playing the guitar I signed). The band was really good. The funny thing was, the lead singer didn’t know any of the words. Probably didn’t speak any English, so he was actually singing phonetically… I swear! It was like Jon Buckwheat Jovi on acid… BUT, I will say this – brother NAILED all the high notes.

Day two, I was sitting in the morning on my balcony, drinking my breakfast very slowly to eat in every moment, and contemplating going parasailing, when I realized I made a stupid tourist mistake. I forgot my phone charger!!!! PANIC!!! Okay, not really. I mean they have only been around 10-15 years, right? The question I keep asking myself over and over again is – how did we EVER survive before cell phones and the internet? I mean, I can never remember – which came first, the internet or the wheel? I digress yet again.

After a lot of thought (and the pure temptation to just throw the phone as hard as I could out into that beautiful ocean as a statement in itself), I decided I might need it coming home. After all, I had a layover the next morning in Mexico City, AND I had to come back thru customs, so I thought I actually have a need to call someone to tell them I’m late or whatever. By the way, customs is a drag, because I always end up drinking a bottle of shampoo waiting in line because I forgot…. (huh?) So, I catch a cab and ride the 2 kilometers to La Isla, the outdoor tourist shopping mall. Pero NADIE tiene un cargador – no one has a charger. I decide I am already out, so I catch another cab and head downtown. Do you know I was in that cab for 1 ½ hours riding around in the real Mexico looking for a stupid charger. But I was on a mission now. At one point we were crossing a street, and sitting there with a beggar’s jar, was a blind man in a wheelchair with no legs. In contrast, I was stopped at the traffic light at Oltorf and 35 in Austin last week, and as a guy was trying to work some beer money out of me, his cell phone went off in his pants pocket… I try SO hard not to be jaded… Digressing.

Finally found the charger and headed back to the hotel. My cab driver spoke VERY little English, and I was amazed at how much Spanish I remembered. I mean, we were having a real conversation in Spanish. I taught him how to say “Do you understand” in English. (I’m thinking that MIGHT be something a cab driver would need to know how to say…) Anyway, we get back to the hotel, and as I’m paying him, I realize that I had WAY more fun riding around the real Mexico speaking Spanish with Dah-veed than I EVER would have had hang-gliding. Besides, flying is over-rated. And, they both cost EXACTLY the same amount of money… at least on that day.

That was Saturday, our last day. Mind you we only played once. We actually were supposed to do a second gig, but the Mexican musician’s union blocked us – truth. So, as the weekend was coming to an end, Patrice, Brad, Patrice’s business partner and friend Todd, and I spent the last part of it on Patrice’s balcony drinking Coronas, listening to the ocean (am I in a commercial?), and talking about how much we hate our jobs… yeah. By the way, in case you’re wondering, John, the bass player, brought his wife to Cancun, so they were off together the whole weekend. In a way, I am a little jealous, but I can’t top the weekend I had. While I was there, I did receive some bad news about a very close friend of 19 years, but that is for a different blog, altogether… that is for a different blog…

All said and done, Cancun was not on my list of places to go, so if it hadn’t been for Patrice, I probably never would have gone there, but I am so glad I did. Thanks Patrice. Because I… had... a… BLAST!!! DUH!!!!



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