July 1, 2003

Well well well. Here we are. Place your bets, place your bets. I just got back from Planet Tejas. Was there for a week (after a week in Vegas), and what a week it was. Got to see some old friends, go to a Ranger game with my father (they lost, we didn’t), had a cook out, had a ho down, jammed at Leon’s, and got a hair cut… in fact, I got them all cut...

Saturday we had the big cook out at the parentals’. Got to spend some real quality time with some of my best old friends – Thelma (Yo yo Matthew, “Disturbed” RULES!) and Louise (did I remember the film? Oh well, at least Matthew’s taking some pics…) Ronnie and Lisa Lingren (gotsta love that Mini Cooper, and those CD’s stomp ass, man!) Alison (You really want me to cut it ALL off?!), and Dave and Lisa Hineman (did we REALLY have an acoustic Rush show-down that late after that many beers, or was that a dream? I don’t remember.)

Then Sunday night was the ho down over at Old McDonna’s Farm. It felt great to have the breeze blowing through our hair while we were sitting on the front porch, jamming on the acoustics into the night. Good to see my other family - Colleen, Billie, Helen, Dana, Kathleen, and Corbie (Wish you could have made it, Kim).

Monday night was the Alligator Jam at Leon’s Place (click link below for Leon’s pics). Oh man, we hurt em, and we hurt em bad. My thanks to the Honorable Reverend Muddy Gates (I still want one of those purple chorus boxes, man), Bill Cornish (hungrier than I had ever been in my life… for pears. I still say broccoli is a seed bearing plant), and Steve Coil (yes I look like Joe Satriani, but my groove is much more delicious), for hosting this most righteous jammage. Dave Hineman, Ronnie Lingren, and I blistered seats six tables back. I think that is a new record. It was also my father’s birthday, and he was in the house, so we did “Save Me From Myself” and I dedicated it to him. And Marcus Hemingway IS Lester “Roadhog” Moran… thanks for the request (Tales of the Unexpected, by Frank Marino).

Things I miss most about Texas – family, friends, crickets/locusts at night, breezes, big puffy clouds, honing my golf skills at the TWU course, listening to “The Ticket” rippin on everything that is sacred in Dallas sports, all the green after the May/June rains but before the pressure cooker that is summer in Texas, and last but not least, thunderstorms.

By the by, there is a new addition to the family at my house. My wonderful sister, Donna, raises some really amazing exotic birds, and there was this baby Meyers Parrot that decided to adopt me, so I brought it back with me.

So it was a very peaceful and wonderful trip. I got to play 2 rounds of golf with my father (who has knocked about 10 points off his score, I might add), and I got to have lunch and celebrate my parents’ forty-fifth wedding anniversary.

So that’s what I been up to. More news soon. Gots a couple of new projects brewing that might be most-righteous. Stay tuned… Now here’s Troy with the weather...

Leons 02_-_Band_4

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