July 9, 2008

Hey everybody,

Sorry for the major lag in updates. I am still here (at least I am as I write this…), but when I am not touring or writing with Patrice, I have been spending my time with family and friends… Kinda recharging the batteries from my 7-year layover in LA. There has been a lot going on, but not much to report, if that makes sense. But, I have to say, our last little jaunt has been quite eventful. Plus, I can tell from the sheer amount of traffic to www.mindovermatthew.com that you guys are licking your chops for an update, so here's what's happening.

Right now, we have 3 incarnations of the band existing at the same time – the full-on rock-ya-soul/rock-ya-bowl slam band; the semi-acoustic in the house concert band; and the duo, with just Patrice and me.

So, Patrice and I did a duo tour of the southwest at the end of April. It is such a different vibe from the full band. We can really play with the dynamics and perform the songs on a totally different musical palette. You just have to hear/see to know what I am talking about. I love it. AND, we are talking about expanding it with some new trips. If you have seen us on a Wednesday night at McGonigel's Mucky Duck… you know.

In May, we also made a full band tour through the deep south (thanks Keith for your wonderful work sitting in for Brad on drums – so good to have such a pro like yourself to help out), and a swing thru the mid-west. We also had a great pre-tour full band show at the Mucky Duck on May 28th. Then, on the 30th, we did a gig at one of our favorite stops in San Antonio called Casbeer's. This one was a little bittersweet, as it was the last for us at this particular venue. As of July, they will be moving into a much bigger and better live venue across town. So, our gig on my birthday (July 25th), hopefully, will be at the new club.

We closed out May on the 31st with a co-bill show with one of our favorite bands and really good friends "Sky Blue 72" at the Warehouse Live in Houston. If you haven't already heard about this band, you are missing out. CHECK THEM OUT!!! The lead singer is a female and is also the drummer for this power trio. The bass player is her brother, and the guitar player rips holes in the fabric of time. That gig was SOOOO much fun.

The next day, June 1st, we went on to South Padre for a hit, but… the transmission in the RV went kaput 2 hours out. Got on the phone to AAA and, somehow, miraculously, got there in time for the show with a lot of help from our friends at the club, Pelican West. Thanks guys. Patrice and I rode ahead, towing the trailer with the AAA pick-up, while the rest of the band rode with the RV to drop it off where it was to be fixed. She and I started the show as the duo, then Glenn and Brad showed up about 6-8 songs in. We finished the gig full band. Pretty amazing.

As it turned out, we had to spend an extra 2 days in paradise while the transmission was being replaced. Now, you're thinking, "How lucky." But trust me, karma caught up. We had to cancel our Wednesday night show in Santa Fe, because we picked the RV up that night in Harlingen (still working on my Einsteinian theory about being in 2 places at once). Then, we had to get to San Diego by Thursday night… from Harlingen 7pm Wednesday night. 26 hours later we pulled up in front of a club called Lestats in San Diego – a little haggard… but still tanned. We ended up recording the show and it sounded amazing. We may be posting some on the internet soon.

So, San Diego was a really nice treat, and the next night in Hermosa Beach was awesome. Thanks to everyone who showed up for that one. We had a packed house and tore it down!

Saturday we played a Gay Pride Festival in West Hollywood. And no, I haven't switched teams, but any excuse to wear my Daisy Dukes dress, and I'm all over it. Actually, Patrice has a very large female following (she may also have a large female following her). Dudes kinda dig her, too. And she loves them both. Anyway, at the gig, I had to go with back line, meaning that instead of my beloved Trace Elliot, I had to use what they had on stage, which was a Mesa Boogie, I forgot the model (I think it was the Urban Assault Amp). Holy crap! WHO NEEDS 5000 WATTS AND 5 CHANNELS ON ONE AMP!?! WITH SEPARATE EFFECTS LOOPS FOR EACH OF SAID 5 CHANNELS… Uh, huh? Guess I haven't spent enough time in Guitar Center lately. Yet, I digress. Oh, yeah, and I only had 5 minutes to get set up and go. The channel I used for rhythm and effects was way too quiet, and the channel I used for my solos was so loud it felt like I was getting the back of my head shaved with a cheese grater. I thought it was going to set my Catholic school girl dress on fire from the sparks. I dialed it in as best I could and persevered.

Luckily, Sunday we played a semi-acoustic set with the band at a coffee house in Altadena. Another really nice setting in which to do our scaled down acoustic magic. I will be posting pics of this, as well as all the other gigs on the new version of the Web site. We all sat for this gig. Brad was on kick, snare, and hat. Patrice was on electric, and I on my Strat (Is this starting to sound a little Dr Suess-ish?). Glenn had his small amp, and Patrice was sitting behind da congas. I wish we had a recording of that show. It was pretty intense.

We had a day off on Monday the 9th. The band drove up to northern California, and I stayed an extra day in LA to chill and catch up on my doing nothing. Then, I flew up to Tahoe to meet the band, but they were late because the RV broke down… again. This time it was the turbo resonator (do I hear a Judas Priest song in the background?).

Fortunately, we got this one fixed and back on the road the next morning. Good thing too, because we spent the next couple of days up in one of the most beautiful parts of California shooting a live DVD in HD (Ooo. High tech… Fancy), with our friend Pride Wright. Two nights at the Black Bart Players Theatre, in Murphy's California. That was a really great experience. I actually overheard one of my band mates say that, one night, at least 4 separate people came up to him and said that they were in tears at one point or another during the show. THAT is pretty powerful. Wow. And people wonder why we do what we do.

Our final show was Thursday in Murphy's, which is about 2 ½ hours east of San Francisco close to Sequoia National Park. After the show (at 1:30 am local time), we packed up and headed back to Texas for a hit in Austin on Saturday night, because we are masochistic martyrs. We drove all night Thursday, all day Friday, all night Friday night, and got into Austin about 10:30 Saturday morning – 31 HOURS!!! Geez, are we road dawgs or what? I ask ya. The show at Momo's in Austin Saturday night was another killer. Seems we play well with a fatigue buzz and road dust on us.

Since our west coast swing, we have done gigs in San Antone, Houston, and Austin. Last Friday, we were in Galveston for the 4th of July, then the Exit Music Fest in Austin on Saturday. Yep, we're all over the map, and loving it.

Gonna be doing every Wednesday in July with Patrice as a duo in Houston, and July 11th the full band will be at Poor David's Pub on my turf – Dallas. I hope all my local friends can make it to that show. It promises to be something special. Then, the next night, I get to do a gig with Patrice and Wayne Sutton, who was Patrice's guitar player forever before me. He sports quite the badassity, and I'm really looking forward to actually working with him for the first time.

Got another little mid-west swing in August, then we will probably play less live for a few weeks, while we are writing for the new album. More on dat l8r…

Just thought you might wanna a little catsup with your fries. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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