Blood is the Reason

A War Dances By
As Heavens Cry
And Time Flies
Once again
And hitherto shall it ever be
When Blood is the Reason Man Lusts

We seek to drain those we cannot have
But who would give themselves if we asked
But we do not
We take
And take
And take yet once more

Until there is no more
To take
Or to give
That which we see
Is that which we reap

At the end of the day
There will be Judgment
And those who seek to control
Shall have to search themselves
And answer the final question
Art Thou Worthy?

And here we are
Living backwards to prove it
For if there is no way
But through the truth
Then how else shall we learn
Until the truth
Is branded on our soul
And the hot iron is experience

Am I a challenger or a receiver
How shall I know
Unless I choose to see
That I am not here
Due to my perfection
Nay, tis the opposite thereof

And I walk alone
Sometimes in a daze
And sometimes for weeks
Do I stare
Occasionally unbound by my desire
I see past that which binds me

And that which binds me
Is that which came before me
And it chains me to my weaknesses
Pulling me down
To where I cannot let go
And it makes my pain predictable

So if you see me on a road sometime
And by chance our paths do meet
Please try to be kind to me
And be true to our natures
As will I

And perhaps together
We can understand
Why truly our paths do meet
And we all can put away
All our wars
And the answer to our question will be

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