Starring Candace Starr...

Where’s my script?
Where’s my line?
In the mask
I cannot find…
Oh my god
I’m running late
“I’ll be right there!”
Is my corset straight?
What if I forget my lines?
I’ll panic I know it
I’ll hold my breath
And just won’t show it
Oh great…
My mind’s gone blank
But there’s that other actress
I know I’ll just hate
If I ever get to know her
But I won’t because I’m too busy
With my leading man…
Phew - I’ve got to slow down
I’ve got to unwind

I know - I’ll have some coffee
And cigarettes
Maybe some wine
And then I’ll be ready
I’ll show them I will
“I’d like to thank the academy,
And thank you Mr. Demille”
Why’s that director looking at me
Doesn’t he understand?
I know what they want
I’m the one who’s in demand
He never reads my rewrites
Can’t he just see the genius
Of who I am
Well they’re all wrong
And it is I
Who is right
Dammit - I’m the star of the show
And this is my night
So stand back and behold
The glory of me
As I make my big entrance...
Did I just rip a seam…?

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