Yesterday I was given
The list of my crimes
It was long and hard...
How could I ever expect
To repay love disillusioned

How could I ever find
The time to express my sorrow
Over my blindness
For it was a great veil
That hung over my eyes
I did not see it
Yet I could not see through it

And now my destiny
Is sitting at the end of this cold road
My pain has taken me down
Where I sit
Blinded again
This time by the truth
Which I all too plainly can see
It’s painful brilliance
Sears my broken heart
Like a hot knife tearing at my soul

And oh could it be so easily
Taken away
If the one who judges me
Would judge me for who I am
And not who I was

But the one strength I have
Is the ability to learn
For never do I want to fall
In the same mud twice
And I shall conquer my fears
Only by recognizing
That they don’t really exist
And so shall we all....

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