It's Just a Word

It’s not about me - it’s not about you
It’s not about us or them - oh but it is
It’s black it’s white - it’s you it’s me
There is an in between

Hate and fear are everywhere
And fueled on by the same
A single whisper from your lips
Can cause all kinds of pain

It’s just a word you say -
a sound vibration in the air
But if that word were used on you -
I wonder if you’d care

It’s easy 2 view the world from the
sunny side of the street
But next time round you may just find
it rains on what you reap

It’s just a word -
yeah right and this is just a gun
Say it one more time -
I’ll pull the trigger just 4 fun
Cause words don’t kill - people do

It's just a word -
but words are what is tearing us apart
Cause sticks and stones can break my bones -
but words can break my heart

So if it’s just the same 2 you -
and it’s just a word
Then keep that word outside your mind -
and let it stay unheard

Then maybe someday the ones who deal only in hate
Will wake up 2 find themselves in the minority


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