Matthew - I am working on my upcoming album to be released later in the year. It was coming along to be released earlier, but I ended going on the road with Jack Russell's Great White. Meanwhile, enjoy some of these hand-picked little ditties from my collection. Some are eclectic. Some are older. Some are newer. Some have never been heard by the general public until now.

Love and War is a track I wrote with Tomasina Abate, and I recorded this version of it in early 2007. It’s about people who think you should be just like them because they have a monopoly on the truth.
Walk the Earth was recorded around the same time as Love and War.
Save Me is my “signature” blues tune. It was recorded in 98 and 99.
Lead Me On was a DR. M song I re-recorded in 97.
Esmerelda was written and recorded in 97.
Unconditional Grace was recorded live at Dallas Alley in 1989. This was the one and only time I played this out live. Even the band hadn’t heard it. Somehow, it got recorded, so might as well share it.

The next few tracks were composed for a CD-ROM, top-down, strategy game called Revenge of Crotalus. I worked on this project in 96 and 97 with my good friend Steve Wilson. All of it was done on a Vs880 and Cakewalk… The game never came out because the investors ran out of money before the game was finished, but we had some fun. Enjoy them as compositions you would be listening to while gathering your armies and battling against those who have betrayed you, slain the ones you loved, and left you to die. Or, put in a game of your own, and listen with MY music…

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